DoE NEWS !!! Archive 2003-2006

Ooooooooooo !! A new collection of Department of Eagles material is going to be released this summer, entitled Archive 2003-2006

And not just any old biscuits either - "back in 2004 Daniel had this period where he was making these beautiful little suites using NYU practice room pianos, and we've included a lot of those. Other stuff comes from a period in 2006 when we tried and failed to make an album at this studio in Berkeley, CA. Also there's also a song we recorded with Chris Taylor that's one of few fast-paced rage type songs we've done..." Rage? As in Dept of Eagles do Rage Against the Machine ??? I can't wait. Archive 2003-2006 is out July 19th in the UK/Internationally and 20th in the USA.

Pre order in USA:


Haiti Fundraiser: Bid for Ed's Autographed Guitar on 15th March!

At some point, everyone's had a guitar like this one at home. Except this one was Ed's first guitar, and has been played on Sorry For The Delay, Horn of Plenty and Yellow House. By Ed AND Dan. OOOO.

For the fundraiser, Ed has also made this delightful T-Shirt which y'all will be able to bid on:

Marvellous. Get out your wallets and figure out a budget, because the auction starts on 15th March.

more info - tumblr

the auction website

Mega end of year lists

Check this out from the newspage ->

The New York Times “Year In Arts” # 6
Spin Magazine “Top 40 Albums” # 4
Time Magazine “Top 10 Albums” # 8
Associated Press “Top 10″ # 7
Wall Street Journal “Best Albums of 2009″ #1
Pitchfork “Top 50 Albums of 2009″ # 6
Paste Magazine “Year’s Best”# 11
New York Magazine – Cover story for ‘Best Brooklyn Bands’

Nylon – “Best Bands of 2009″
MySpace – “Top Albums of 2009″
Boston Globe “Top Albums of 2009″
Amazon’s Top 100 Albums of 2009 #14
The Onion “Top 25 Albums of 2009″ # 2
Under the Radar – Best of the Decade

‘While You Wait for the Others’ #5 on The New York Times “Top Songs of 2009″
‘Two Weeks’ – Time Magazine’s “Best Songs of 2009″
‘Two Weeks – #1 on NPR’s All Songs Considered “Best of” list
‘Two Weeks’ – # 8 on Amazon’s “Top 100 Songs of 2009″ list
‘Two Weeks’ -Spinner’s “Best Songs of 2009″
‘Two Weeks’ + ‘While You Wait For The Others’ – Pitchfork’s Top 100 Songs

"Wall street journal"?? We're definitely not in Kansas anymore.

grizzly bear in australia

hey, checked out their tour dates for australia. will they be releasing more dates later or are they not coming to sydney at all? seems like from melbourne they're flying right over us to brisbane then going straight to the west side.